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Establish in 2022, founded by Max and Marcus; and few months later joined in Co-founded by Willie and Justin base on the intention of providing a platform as a haven for building retirement income through solving 2 major issues awaits all retirees which are health issues and their financial income issues.

Finding a powerful superfood formulation to be able to help the human cell to Remove all the unwanted stuff in the body, Repair what was being damage due to years of abused by free radicals as well as unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Finally to Rejuvenate the body for maximum efficiency as we age actively. 

On Financial health, It took another 9 months to iron out the system for online trading platforms to be tested, and ready to help clients to achieve a 40% to 60% consistency in profits in order to have sustainable retirement income stream from the online trading market.

With a total of more than 20 years experience in product development and distribution, currency trading and FOREX business coaching, digital marketing business coaching, people development and training, and business consulting.

Ark Solomon has consumers and clients in 16 different countries, 4 offline offices, a manufacture partnering company, an online trading partnering platform. At the same time having a healthy growth momentum even in this challenging post pandemic time.

Restoring Wellness for retirement is about rebooting your health, rebooting your wealth and it has never been so Simplified!


Ark Solomon Executive Team

Arksolomon.com marcus maximus

Marcus Maximus

Executive Director . Group

A serial entrepreneur with 27 years of experience in the business development and people development related industry and more than 100 million sales revenue created.

With a stead fast belief " Business is about making life meaningful!"

At 52, armed with both online and offline practical knowledge in the health and wealth space, Marcus is able to help you build your retirement income planning with precision execution in both the business quadrant and investment quadrant retirement income streams.

arksolomon.com Max Chua

Max Chua

Executive Director . Operations 

In 2002, Max embarked on his networking career and grew as a person in many different spectrums, and his passion to find the “gap” and create more value for people around him grew.

He met Marcus one day in 2021 and asked him about Forex trading, and was asked, “Do you want to be a trader or a business owner?” His perspective about Forex trading has changed since to use Forex as a tool to create more value for people and make a difference in their lives.

The journey started to creating compelling testimonies through LOVE . SERVE . CARE through Ark Solomon. And we pray that you will be part of the Legacy we are building together.

arksolomn.com Justin Cheng

Justin Cheng

Executive Director . Technology

Justin loves to dig into customer problems and solve them with modern technology.

A Singaporean techie of over 20 years, Justin had been involved with numerous technology projects. His recent projects help retail traders to spot profitable trading opportunities by using mobile phones.

Justin joins Ark Solomon with the intention to help the team to expand and succeed regionally. This can be achieved by sharing his vast Fintech knowledge, as well as using a simple strategy to achieve profits from the market. "If you love what you are doing, then you are already retired."

arksolomon.com willie lee

Willie Lee

Executive Director . Business Dev.

Arm with 12 years of experiences as a recycling trader entrepreneur, Willie having suffered huge financial losses and stresses from a past.

These painful experiences made him rebound, regardless of any other problem he may encounter in the future.

"failure is not a failure when I have learned the skills of respect, empathy, patience, responsibility, and guidance for unforeseen consequences ahead to help coach all our agents to build a retirement income with us".

Arksolomon.com vietnam

Augustine Lee

Executive Director . Vietnam

Over 20 years experience running businesses in Vietnam, involving multiple industries such as IT, construction, hospitality, trading and business consulting.

Started working with Singapore stat-board enterprises in executing the first biggest joint venture government telecommunication infrastructure for Vietnam 25 years ago.

Augustine is the "guru" in Vietnam market to help any of our agents to expand their agency distribution business into Vietnam smoothly.

ark solomon corporate partner

Kymmie Kee

Corporate Partner. HealthBridge

As a serial entrepreneur, she has established various successful start ups across industries which included Blockchain and Fintech companies and her business was branded as the biggest franchise in Singapore in 2008.

Kymmie has a strong passion in Healthcare and has helmed several roles in local Healthcare and Social sector such as Singapore’s National University Health System, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Agency of Integrated Care.

Her portfolio includes NCIS Finance, Caregiver training and grants, NUHS development office, Clinic operations. Today providing the technology for our Reboot Health program helping our agents to coach our clients scientifically


Across 16 Countries

Ark Solomon 16 countries


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